Reach  & Teach Science in Africa

A capacity building project developed by JR Biotek Foundation to foster research and innovation in sub-Saharan Africa through the provision of world-class scientific teaching, training and resources to 1,000 researchers and academics in African universities and research institutes by 2029. We provide a range of services including Teaching Workshops, Laboratory Instrument Building Workshops and an Online Learning Platform to enable the continuing professional development of Africa-based research scientists and students.

Molecular Bio-Training Workshop

We provide state-of-the-art teaching in molecular biology and genetics, physiology of organisms, plant-microbe interactions, bioinformatics, statistical analysis and related subjects to facilitate scientific research and innovation in sub-Saharan Africa.

Labware Construction Workshop

We work with leading researchers to develop and provide hands-on labware building workshops to help African researchers and students to learn how to use simple and available tools to build lab equipment and instruments (e.g. microscopes) that can be used for teaching purposes at their institutions.

Online Learning Platform

Our online learning allows the continuing professional development of researchers and postgraduate students who have attended our Training Workshops. Trainees will gain access to lecture notes, reading resources and open source teaching and research tools designed to strengthen their teaching and research involvement.

About JR Biotek Foundation

JR Biotek Foundation is a non-profit organization established to advance knowledge and technical skills in applied biosciences in Africa. We work with top world Universities such as the University of Cambridge to develop and provide world-class laboratory training and capacity building programmes designed to provide Africa-based scientists with knowledge and skills they need to tackle some of the most pressing challenges faced on the continent.

JR Biotek Foundation is pleased to launch the 'Reach & Teach Science in Africa' project to provide adequate scientific teaching, training and mentoring to help advance research and innovation in Africa.